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Ashdown House April 2014

Project: Carnivorous plants of the UK with Ashdown House

Students from Ashdown House joined NHM Scientists in a research project aimed at unraveling the complex diversity patterns of carnivorous plants of the UK.

As part of this project some of the species we are studying include the Bladderworts: Utricularia australis, U. bremii and U. vulgaris and Sundews: Drosera rotundifolia and D. anglica. Many of these species are very hard to distinguish because they rarely flower making identification difficult and hybridization is known to occur. DNA studies can be very informative for understanding these patterns. Much fun was had during visits to local peatland habitats to view these species in the wild and the students played an important part in the DNA studies (DNA extraction, PCR and gel electrophoresis) in the lab at the Old Malt House. Results coming soon!


Bladderwort hybrids:

More photos from this project with Ashdown House at:

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